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The LEAP Team

Chair Kim Sargent
Distribution Engineer
Co-Chair Frank Brown
Distribution Engineer
Volunteer Relations Matt Chaney
Transmission Engineer
Communications Jessica Manfredi
Transmission Engineer
Field Trip & Speaker Coordinator Mehmet Adanur
Transmission Engineer
Career Expo Coordinator Lucas Coffey
Distribution Engineer
Career Day Coordinator Jason Pruett
Distribution Engineer
School Mentors

Jim Dorsten
Distribution Engineer

Emily Dole
Transmission Engineer

Nathan Hefner
Transmission Engineer


Suzanne Saxon
Transmission Admin

Lisa Dayball
Distribution Admin


Brandi Vines
Distribution Supervisor

Emily Boles
Transmission Supervisor

Emily Anne Dean
HR Talent Acquisition

Mark Usry
Distribution Crew Supervisor

Management Sponsors

Pam Boyd
Distribution Manager

Yvonne Essix
Transmission Manager

Executive Sponsors

Danny Glover
VP Distribution

Scott Moore
VP Transmission


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